Volume 1

Volume 1
  1. cover Issue 2, Winter 2010 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Introduction
    2. Changing Paradigms of Evangelism: Three Generational Views
    3. The Conversations of Our Times
    4. A Return to Our Roots: 1st Century Church Growth in the 21st Century
    5. Building Bridges of God During Calamity: Lessons Learned from India
    6. Hispanic Ministry Where Language is No Barrier: Church Growth Among U.S.-Born, English-Dominant Latinos
    7. Church Growth: A Holiness Perspective
    8. Emerging Church Growth Oxymoron: McGavran and Newbigin in Dialog
    9. From 35,000 to 15,000 Feet: Evangelical Statistics in the U.S. and Canada: A State/Province, Metro, and County Glimpse
    10. ViaCordis: A Case Study of the First Year of a House Church Network
    11. A Process Model for Church Change as Reflected in St. Thomas' Anglican Church, Sheffield, England
    12. Book Reviews
    13. Dissertation and Theses Notices
  2. cover Issue 1, Summer 2009 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Introduction
    2. Acknowledgements
    3. Church Growth by Another Name: Challenges and Opportunites for the Future of a Movement
    4. Bridges of God: The Mission Legacy of Donald Anderson McGavran
    5. An Examination of the Compatibility of the Church Growth Movement with a Calvinistic Soteriology
    6. Leadership Succession from Matthew's Gospel: Passing the Baton of Leadership to the Next Generation
    7. Creating Church Multiplication Through a Denominational Structure
    8. Ethical Guidelines for Church Planters: A Suggested Approach for Starting (and Continuing) the Conversation
    9. Korean Church Planters' Perception on Church Planting Education
    10. Whither Church Planting?
    11. Doubling Down on Jesus
    12. Eight Keys to Overcoming Apathy Towards Church Growth
    13. Evangelism at the Family Altar (Butsudan)
    14. Book Reviews
    15. Dissertation and Theses Notices