Volume 2

Volume 2
  1. cover Issue 2, Winter 2011 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Introduction
    2. Building Healthy Relationships in a Multi-ethnic Congregation With No Ethnic Majority: A Case Study of Sunrise Church
    3. The Stew Versus Melting Pot Ministry: Multicultural/Ethnic Urban Apostolic Partnerships
    4. Leading the Multiethnic Church: Help from New Metaphors and The Leadership Challenge
    5. Multicultural and Racial Reconciliation Efforts Fail to Attract Many in the Black Church
    6. History Revisited: Learning from Charles H. Spurgeon's Commitment to Conversion Growth
    7. A Theology of Church Planting
    8. The Book of Acts and Evangelism in Argentina
    9. "The Word Became Flesh," An Example of Incarnational Ministry: The Norwegian Settlers Church, Port Shepstone, South Africa
    10. Equipping Nationals to Train Church Planters in Their Culture
    11. The Numbers to Know for Church Health
    12. Urban Ministry and Social Media: Moving From Billboards to Cafes
    13. Book Reviews
    14. Dissertation and Theses Notices
  2. cover Issue 1, Summer 2010 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Introduction
    2. Rethinking Missiology in the Context of the 21 St Century: Global Demographic Trends and Diaspora Missiology
    3. Global Migration, The United States and Canada: A Great Commission Opportunity
    4. An Unromantic Yet Strategic Side of Missions
    5. Church Movements of the Last Fifty Years in North America
    6. Donald McGavran’s Theological Foundations for "Effective Evangelism"
    7. When Euangelion Met Apologia: An Examination of the Mind’s Role in Conversion and the Value of Apologetics in Evangelism
    8. Unique Characteristics of Church Planters: A Research Proposal
    9. Leadership Transfer Awakens Dormant Dilemmas in a Multiethnic Church: Correctives from Church Planting
    10. More Than Good Ideas: The Significance of Planning in Scripture
    11. Teaching for Transformation
    12. Book Reviews
    13. Dissertation and Theses Notices