The Case for Prioritism: Part 2

Volume 8
Issue 1, Summer 2016
The Case for Prioritism: Part 2

Editor’s Note: The following article is being published in two parts due to its length. This article represents the second part; the first part appeared in the Winter 2016 issue of the journal.

Debate is no stranger to evangelicalism. Rigorous dialogue among evangelicals ought to be welcomed as it clarifies issues, forms convictions, and sets agendas. The missiological disagreement between prioritists and holists is a case in point. Prioritists feel constrained to redress holistic reconfigurations of such fundamental concepts as gospel, kingdom, and mission. For the sake of the nations, this article seeks to compare and contrast prioritism with holism, trace the historical emergence of evangelical holism, offer reasons why prioritism more accurately represents a biblically informed approach to mission, and concludes with means by which readers can determine which viewpoint to affirm and promote.

Dr. Christopher R Little
6 - 20
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