The Life of Donald McGavran: Becoming a Professor

Volume 8
Issue 2, Winter 2017
The Life of Donald McGavran: Becoming a Professor

As McGavran’s missionary career in India came to an end, publication of The Bridges of God opened new doors for research, teaching, and writing. The years 1955–1965 found McGavran moving from a missionary career to that of a professor and founding The Institute of Church Growth. In Eugene, Oregon, he met and befriended Methodist missionary Alan R. Tippett who became a partner in the spread of Church Growth Thought during the 1960s and 70s.

Gary L. McIntosh has spent over a decade researching and writing a complete biography on the life and ministry of Donald A. McGavran. We are pleased to present here the fifth of several excerpts from the biography.

Dr. Gary L. McIntosh
187 - 211
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