The Journal of Psychology & Theology has transitioned to SAGE Publishers for the printing and distribution of our journal. Biola University will continue to own and manage the content of JPT with the same editorial staff and dedication to quality content. To subscribe to the Journal of Psychology & Theology, please contact the SAGE Publishers US customer service team: or visit the JPT website at


What is included?

  • Discussion in one of six major areas:
    • Theory and Practice
    • Research
    • Pastoral Psychology and Christian Education
    • Family and Christian Community
    • Psychology and Missions
    • Reaction
  • Author Information
  • Abstract
  • References and footnotes
  • Figures and tables where necessary

Why Subscribe to JPT?

"The Journal of Psychology and Theology is a top-of-the-line journal relevant to clinicians and researchers who value the integration of Christianity and Psychology. I find up-to-the-minute thinking, fresh data to inform practice and research, and sound theology within its pages. It is relevant, practical, and thought-provoking. This journal is a MUST for the serious Christian professional in the mental health and health fields."
Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University

The Journal of Psychology and Theology helps you stay current with the latest research and scholarship in Christian counseling and ministry. Each issue of the Journal contains:

  • Six to eight articles by reputable authors, including research addressing the fields of psychology and theology,
  • Book and journal article reviews that keep readers informed of current published resources related to the Journal’s major topics,
  • Reactions to its own published articles,
  • A complete index in each year’s final issue.(a separate 20-year index is also available),
  • Announcements of important upcoming events of concern to the JPT readership,
  • Special issues that focus on one of the Journal’s major discussion areas.

We invite you to become one of the Journal’s growing numbers of subscribers.