Volume 1

Volume 1
  1. cover Fall 1973 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Therapist Identification and Role Identity as a Barrier to Integrative Counseling
    2. Psychological Dynamics in Christian Worship: A Beginning Inquiry
    3. Reaction to Ellens
    4. A Basis for Christian Psychology: A Reply to Grounds
    5. Social Status of Roles Within the Christian Community
    6. An Evaluation of Sensitivity Training Effects on Self-Actualization, Purpose in Life, and Religious Attitudes of Theological Students
    7. Hazards to Effective Pastoral Counseling: Part Two
    8. The Kerygma's Psychology and Human Distress
    9. Parents are People
    10. Abortion: A Survey of Attitudes and Research Materials
    11. Should Children Be Spanked? A Reply to McThomas
  2. cover Summer 1973 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. A Second Look at B.F. Skinner
    2. Beyond Freedom and Dignity: Behavioral Fixated Delusion?
    3. Kierkegaard: On Guilt
    4. The Effect of Different Reality Perspectives on Psychotherapy
    5. Self-Concept Change in Ministers and Missionaries
    6. Hazards to Effective Pastoral Counseling: Part One
    7. A Proposal for Lay Mobilization in Evangelism Utilizing Behavioral Technology
    8. Contract Therapy and Behavioral Modification
    9. Disobedience, Rebellion and Defiance in the Believer as Exemplified in the Adolescent Stage of Life
    10. Should Children Be Spanked?
    11. Reaction to Ruble
  3. cover Spring 1973 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Doctor, the Senior Citizen, and the Meaning of Life
    2. Reaction to Tournier, No. 1
    3. Reaction to Tournier, No. 2
    4. Reaction to Tournier, No. 3
    5. A Personal Look at Paul Tournier
    6. Reminiscences of Paul Tournier
    7. The Books of Paul Tournier
    8. A Basis for the Development of Christian Psychology with a Few Initial Ideas
    9. Reaction to Koteskey
    10. Theological Implications of Fear: The Grasshopper Complex...
    11. Profile: Psychology Faculty in Christian Colleges
    12. Client Self-Determination in the Light of Evangelical Responsibility
    13. Psychology and the Church: Toward a Model for Relating
    14. Contract Therapy and the Christian Covenant
    15. Psychological Theories of Child Development: Implications for the Christian Family
  4. cover Winter 1973 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Perspectives on the Integration of Psychology and Theology
    2. Psychology on a New Foundation: A Proposal for the Future
    3. Why Theology?
    4. The Christian in the Age of the Id
    5. The Nature of Man and the Christian'€™s Self-Esteem
    6. Worm Theology or Wormhood Feelings- Which?
    7. Both Depravity and Value
    8. On the Other Hand
    9. The Assessment of Religiosity in Evangelical College Students and Its Relationship to Prior Family Religious Involvement
    10. Role Conflict and Countertransference in the Pastor-Counselor
    11. Some Implications of the Self-Concept for Christian Education
    12. Contract Therapy: The Renegotiation of Marriage and the Family