Contract Therapy and the Christian Covenant

Volume 1
Spring 1973
Contract Therapy and the Christian Covenant

The objections to Contract Therapy by Christian psychologists and clientele are on two levels: (a) It is a neutral, and thus secular methodology; (b) it is specifically non-Christian in both its theory and application, i.e., it is an attempt to impose law upon a relationship rather than to introduce grace; and it appeals to personal privilege and a negotiated catering to personal self-interest. It is suggested that, like any other counseling formula, Contract Therapy is non-neutral, as it will tend to reflect the value system of the therapist. Also, in the negotiating of a better covenant in marital therapy, instead of being non-Christian, is more likely to provide an atmosphere of gracious relationship that comports well with the evangel.

Dr. D.F., Jr. Tweedie
73 - 76
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