Self-Concept Change in Ministers and Missionaries

Volume 1
Summer 1973
Self-Concept Change in Ministers and Missionaries

41 and 39 Ss participating in two different 3 1/2 week seminars focusing on psychological and theological growth experiences were pre and post-tested with three personality scales: The Tennessee Self Concept Scale, Rokeach Dogmatism Scale, and Personal Orientation Inventory. The study attempted to measure Ss’ behavior change through pretest-posttest differences. A hypothesis of no significant measured change was supported in the results of two tests (Tennessee Self Concept Scale and Rokeach Dogmatism Scale). However, the Ss showed significant change on most of the12 scales of the Personal Orientation Inventory. Further analysis on the first group revealed that a significant negative correlation (r = - .40, p < .01) existed between the Dogmatism Scale scores and change on the Total P scale of the Tennessee Self Concept Scale. However, this initial finding is not supported by the second group data (r = - .10, p> .05)

Dr. J.R. Fleck, A.R. McThomas and L.F. Nielson
28 - 34
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