Volume 10

Volume 10
  1. cover Winter 1982 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Conduct of Integration
    2. The Conduct of Integration: A Response to Farnsworth
    3. Systemic Integration: A Reactive Alternative to "The Conduct of Integration"
    4. Response to "The Conduct of Integration"
    5. Responses to "The Conduct of Integration": An Appreciative Reaction
    6. Pastoral Openness to Interaction with a Private Christian Counseling Service
    7. Preferences of Conservative and Moderate Christians for Four Christian Counselors' Treatment Plans
    8. The Church and the Community Mental Health: Unrealized Potential
  2. cover Fall 1982 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Tension Between Psychology and Theology: An Anthropological Solution
    2. Language as Change Agent: Metaphor in the Work of Jay Haley and in the Parables of Jesus
    3. The Gnostic Influence on Psychology: Effects of the Common Heresy
    4. Christian Therapists' Utilization of Bibliotherapeutic Resources
    5. The "Marital Conventionalization" Argument: Implications for the Study of Religiosity and Marital Satisfaction
    6. Needs Assessment in Churches: A Christian Community's Need for Professional Counseling Services
    7. A Theological and Psychological Rationale for Assertiveness Training
    8. Reply to Mellor and Andre's "Religious Group Value Patterns and Motive Orientations": Data and Comment
  3. cover Summer 1982 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Tension Between Psychology and Theology: The Etymological Roots
    2. Desacralizing Life and Its Mystery: The Jonah Complex Revisited
    3. Our Father Which Art in Heaven: Parataxic Distortions in the Image of God
    4. Locus of Control and Theological Beliefs
    5. Toward a Biblical Approach to Masturbation
    6. A Reaction to Johnson's Biblical Approach to Masturbation
  4. cover Spring 1982 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Induced Christian Neurosis: An Examination of Pragmatic Paradoxes and the Christian Faith
    2. The Ethics of Fee Practices: An Analysis of Presuppositions and Accountability
    3. The Interface of Psychiatry and Religion: A Program for Career Training in Psychiatry
    4. The Influence of Freud's Hermeneutic of Suspicion on the Writings of Juan Segundo
    5. Affirming Diversity in the Task of Integration: A Response to "Biblical Authority and Christian Psychology"
    6. A Biblical Analysis of Values Clarification
    7. Schematic Portrayal: Parents' Cognitive Styles and Children's Developmental Health
    8. Dialogue in Professional Journals