Christian Therapists' Utilization of Bibliotherapeutic Resources

Volume 10
Fall 1982
Christian Therapists' Utilization of Bibliotherapeutic Resources

This article reports the results of a survey of a representative sample of the membership of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies International to discover the books and audio-visuals which would be endorsed as most helpful with a variety of "problems"€in living. The areas to which the sample was asked to respond were self-concept, parenting, singleness, marriage and family, finances, dating, mid-life crises and aging, emotional conflict, sex therapy, homosexuality, divorce, death and dying, assertiveness, guilt, and counseling theory. In addition, respondents were asked to note the Christian book, which had most influenced their therapeutic approach, and to indicate whom they considered to be the most influential Christian writer in the field of psychotherapy at the present time. Some comments are made about the results and an annotated bibliography of the books identified, as "useful"€by the respondents is included.

J.M. Atwater and Dr. D. Smith
230 - 235
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