The Conduct of Integration

Volume 10
Winter 1982
The Conduct of Integration

A method is presented to integrating psychological and theological facts. Based on a definition of integration as a process of discovering, verifying, relating, and applying God'€™s truths, the procedure places heavy emphasis on orthopraxy (right living) as well as orthodoxy (right thinking). Briefly outlined, the method consists first of "€œconceptual relation,"€ or verifying one'€™s facts are methodologically-hermeneutically sound and then comparing them to see how closely they correspond or perhaps can be made to correspond. Secondly, the method involves "€œembodied integration," €or committing oneself to facts that are intellectually understood to be true in one'€™s life over time. Epistemological issues and methodological alternatives are presented, with special emphasis on the biblical principles of "€œknowing that passes understanding"€ (Ephesians 3:19, Philippians 4:7) and "€œdoing, not hearing only"€ (James 1:22). In addition, five conceptual relation models are critiqued, and a challenge is given for doing research rather than merely reviewing research.

Dr. K.E. Farnsworth
308 - 319
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