Volume 11

Volume 11
  1. cover Winter 1983 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Incarnation as a Metaphor for Psychotherapy
    2. Self-Esteem: An Operational Definition and Ethical Analysis
    3. Complete Yet Inadequate: The Role of Learned Helplessness and Self-Attribution from the Writings of Paul
    4. Ritualizations and Ritualisms in Religious Development: A Psychosocial Perspective
    5. Goal Selection for Counseling with Potentially Religious Clients by Professional and Student Counselors in Explicitly Christian or Secular Settings
    6. Spiritual Well-Being: Conceptualization and Measurement
    7. A Christian Approach to Authority and Discipline in the Family: Theological-Theoretical Issues and Research Findings
    8. Integration and the Culture of Rationalism: Reaction to Responses to "The Conduct of Integration," Part II
  2. cover Fall 1983 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. American Psychology in Cross-Cultural Context
    2. Some Reflections on the Separation Phenomenon Idiosyncratic to the Experience of Missionaries and their Children
    3. Assimilation and Accommodation Applied to Vernacular Scriptures-In-Use
    4. Missionary Fit: A Criterion-Related Model
    5. Pretraining Variables in the Prediction of Missionary Success Overseas
    6. Personality Characteristics of Evangelical Missionaries as Measured by the MMPI
    7. Preferred Means of Hostility Expression Among Missionaries: An Exploratory Study
    8. Missionary Children: Correlates of Self-Esteem and Dependency
    9. Sources of Missionary Stress
    10. Candidate Selection Criteria: A Survey
  3. cover Summer 1983 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Ethics of Paradox
    2. The Biblical Basis for Strategic Approaches in Pastoral Counseling
    3. The Care of Souls: Psychology and Religion in Anthropological Perspective
    4. Spirit and Soul in No-Man's Land: Reflection on Haule's Care of Souls
    5. Immortality Experience: A Reaction to Haule
    6. Anthropological Integration: A Theological Appraisal
    7. Response to Reactors
    8. Validation of a Typology of Religious Experience and Its Relationship to the Psychotic Experience
  4. cover Spring 1983 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Moving Through the Jungle: A Decade of Integration
    2. JPT: Its Relevance Reviewed
    3. Remembrances of Data Past: A Review of the Journal's Empirical Research, 1973-1982
    4. The Dream of Joseph: A Jungian Interpretation
    5. The Needs of Evangelical Christian Leaders in the United States
    6. Causal Schemata and the Attribution of Supernatural Causality
    7. A Note, Mostly Methodological, Stimulated by the Ritzema and Ritzema-Young Attributional Studies
    8. Research Methodology for Studying Attributions to Supernatural Causality