The Dream of Joseph: A Jungian Interpretation

Volume 11
Spring 1983
The Dream of Joseph: A Jungian Interpretation

Religion and psychology both recognize the value of dreams as avenues into greater self-knowledge. Religion'€™s specific interest is in discerning the revelatory dimension of dreams. This article explores the biblical account of Joseph'€™s dream recorded in the Gospel of Matthew, and attempts to put forth a interpretation of this dream as a model. The purpose of this model is to give further understanding to the meaning of biblical dreams as avenues of self-knowledge and essential events of divine revelation. The psychology of C.G. Jung is employed as a working hypothesis for the interpretation of the dream. The analysis of the dream as a model for personal dream interpretation discloses a way that dreams may be used to further spiritual development.

Dr. J.A. Walsh
20 - 27
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