Missionary Fit: A Criterion-Related Model

Volume 11
Fall 1983
Missionary Fit: A Criterion-Related Model

Missionary-sending agencies are becoming concerned about missionary attrition. Thus, there is an urgent need to develop a strategy for identifying the antecedents to successful missionary service. Forty-four participants, attending the National Conference on Mental Health and Missions, formed three groups for the present study. Mental health professionals, missionary leaders, and professionals with missionary personnel experience were measured on three criteria for the task of identifying a successful missionary: A job-function analysis, a value-orientation scale, and a personality checklist. The three groups were significantly alike in their perceptions, thereby permitting the development of a statistical model representative of all participants. Slight statistical variances which did exist among and within the three groups suggest that missionary organizations should seriously consider developing their own statistical model for identifying and selecting successful missionaries.

C.B. Cureton
196 - 202
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