Candidate Selection Criteria: A Survey

Volume 11
Fall 1983
Candidate Selection Criteria: A Survey

A 1980 survey of 78 missionary sending agencies was designed to gather information about candidate selection and other personnel procedures. The questionnaire explored the selection process, the selection experience, the importance of selection factors, candidate rejection issues, and service discontinuation. 280 primary findings indicate that psychological assessment comprises from one fourth to one third of the average selection interview time; no specific psychological test was used universally; and most mission agency personnel declared a desire to improve their ability to select missionaries. Four important candidate selection factors were found to be depth of Christian commitment, knowledge of the Bible, past performances in church work, and overall emotional stability.

L.N. Ferguson, D. Kliewer, Dr. S.L. Lindquist, D.E. Williams and R.P. Heinrich
243 - 250
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