Assertiveness Training in Christian Perspective

Volume 12
Summer 1984
Assertiveness Training in Christian Perspective

The most common procedure for relating Christian faith to the cognitive-behavioral technique of assertiveness training has been to attempt to determine whether or not assertiveness is a Christian virtue. Such a procedure flows from a view of integration which implicitly separates the goal of therapeutic change (a product of values) from the process by which change is produced and the manner in which research on the construct is conducted (a product of science). While these distinctions can be useful ones, it is argued that Christian faith impacts not just the goal of treatment, but the methods of treatment and the conduct of research as well. Alternative taxonomies for response classification and theological/philosophical variables influencing choice of treatment modalities and the conduct of research are discussed and possible alternatives presented. The overall goal is to use assertiveness training as an example to suggest ways in which non-Christian belief has, and Christian belief might, influence and infuse our clinical, empirical, and theoretical work.

Dr. S.L. Jones
91 - 99
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