The Biblical Concept of Creativity: Scope, Definition, Criteria

Volume 12
Fall 1984
The Biblical Concept of Creativity: Scope, Definition, Criteria

This article attempts to relate the scope, definition, and criteria of the biblical concept of creativity to recent research in creative behavior, as well as writing of scientists, artists, and Christian thinkers. Extensive word study led to the conclusion that creativity in Scripture refers exclusively to God’s achievements and that those achievements are in two dimensions which mirror human creativity. In one dimension God creates by making or constructing things or entities. In the other dimension he creates by doing or performing rather than making. His creations are characterized by a newness that is unprecedented, unforeseeable, valuable, transformational, and lasting. Creating involves envisioning, fashioning, and linking the product to societal needs. Grounds for an interface between divine and human creativity are proposed within the areas of newness, wisdom, and the image of God in humans.

Dr. B.W. Liesch and Dr. T.J. Finley
188 - 197
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