The Development of the Spiritual Leadership Qualities Inventory

Volume 12
Winter 1984
The Development of the Spiritual Leadership Qualities Inventory

Wichern'€™s (1979) Spiritual Leadership Qualities Inventory (SLQI) was developed to provide an objective biblically-based assessment instrument which would facilitate church leadership evaluation and selection.. Since its origination, the SLQI has undergone revision. The purpose of this study was to replicate Wichern'€™s (1979) investigation, using the revised Inventory of 19 spiritual leadership traits with an expanded subject pool of 71 elders, deacons and non-Christians. The SLQI was found to significantly discriminate between church leaders and non-Christians (p<.05), but it did not discriminate between elders and deacons. Additional analysis provided a 19x19 correlation matrix of traits with 152 of 171 (88.9%) significant correlations (p<.05) and significant test-retest reliabilities (p<.05) for all traits. Implications for the further development and use of the SLQI are discussed.

Dr. J.S. Townsend and Dr. F.B. Wichern
305 - 313
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