Volume 13

Volume 13
  1. cover Winter 1985 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Gnostic World of Anorexia Nervosa
    2. Masochism and the Distortion of Servanthood
    3. Carl Rogers and the Christian Virtues
    4. Pastors'€ Friendships, Part 1: Project Overview and an Exploration of the Pedestal Effect
    5. An Empirical Study of Contemplative Prayer as an Adjunct to Psychotherapy
  2. cover Fall 1985 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Isolation in Christian Psychotherapeutic Practice
    2. Contemplative Prayer and Its Use in Psychotherapy: A Theoretical Model
    3. The Good-Enough Family
    4. Moral Reasoning and Christian Faith
    5. A Comparison of the Self-Esteem Levels in Evangelical Christian and General Populations
  3. cover Summer 1985 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Concept of Responsibility in Psychopathology and Psychotherapy
    2. Piaget and Parables: The Convergence of Secular and Scriptural Views of Learning
    3. Empirical Studies of Christian Prayer : A Review of the Literature
    4. Religiosity, Sin, and Self-Esteem
    5. The Place of Wife Battering in Considering Divorce
  4. cover Spring 1985 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Philosophical Reflections on Self-Worth and Self-Love
    2. Healing and the Koinonia: Therapeutic Dynamics of Church Community
    3. Group Counseling in the Church: An Integrative Theoretical and Practical Analysis
    4. Preferences of Christians and Non-Christians for Five Christian Counselors' Treatment Plans: A Partial Replication and Extension
    5. A Factor Analysis and Further Validation of the Shepherd Scale
    6. Needs Assessment in the Development of a Clergy Consultation Service: A Key Informant Approach