The Place of Wife Battering in Considering Divorce

Volume 13
Summer 1985
The Place of Wife Battering in Considering Divorce

Legitimacy of divorce on the grounds of wife battering was evaluated. An examination of interpersonal elements necessary for full marital intimacy was considered and the degree to which they must be violated for divorce to be an acceptable option is discussed. Divorce is viewed in the context of Matthew'€™s exception clause of 19:9, and a consideration of battering as part of a definition of porneia was conducted. With adultery viewed as the most accepted reason for allowing divorce, the interpersonal violations by adultery and battering was compared. It is proposed that if battering can be found to violate the marital relationship to the same, or greater, degree that adultery does then wife battering deserves recognition as an acceptable reason for divorce.

G.P. Liaboe
129 - 138
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