Volume 14

Volume 14
  1. cover Winter 1986 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Analytical Psychology and the Dynamics of Human Evil: A Problematic Case in the Integration of Psychology and Theology
    2. Integrating Psychology and Theology with Bricolage: A Response to Griffin
    3. Reply to Analytical Psychology and Human Evil
    4. Neither/Nor: A Response to Haule and Kelsey
    5. Cross-Cultural Counseling in Theological Context
    6. The Presence and Absence of God in Object Relational and Theological Perspectives
    7. A Developmental Perspective on Adolescent Rebellion in the Church
    8. Construing God: An Exploration of the Relationships between Reported Interaction with God and Concurrent Emotional Experience
    9. General Psychology in Bible Colleges
  2. cover Fall 1986 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The American Psychological Association and Value Pluralism
    2. Humanistic Psychology and Christian Thought: A Comparative Analysis
    3. Ignatian Spirituality in the Work of Morton Kelsey
    4. Community Psychology and Unreached Peoples: Applications to Needs and Resource Assessment
    5. Women in Missions: A Pilot Study
  3. cover Summer 1986 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Dangers of Psychologism: The Place of God in Psychology
    2. Kohut's Self-Psychology and Theory of Narcissism: Some Implications Regarding the Fall and Restoration of Humanity
    3. Containment of Projective Identification as a Means of Ego Development: Theological Considerations
    4. A Theoretical Consideration of Selection for Training for Ministry
    5. Loneliness and Religiosity: In the World but Not of It
    6. An Integrated Approach to Pastoral Therapy
  4. cover Spring 1986 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. An Early Attempt at Integration: The "Journal of Psychotherapy as a Religious Process"
    2. Delivering Mental Health Services to Ethnic Minorities: Ethical Considerations
    3. Christian Reflections on Stress Management
    4. Pastors' Friendships, Part 2: The Impact of Congregational Norms
    5. The Association between Religiosity and the Purpose-in-Life Test: Does it Reflect Purpose or Satisfaction?
    6. A Response to Foster and Moran's "Piaget and Parables: The Convergence of Secular and Scriptural Views of Learning"
    7. Piaget and Parables Assimilated: A Response to Cole