Dangers of Psychologism: The Place of God in Psychology

Volume 14
Summer 1986
Dangers of Psychologism: The Place of God in Psychology

The author offers a philosophy of science intended to inform the task of integration by delimiting the scope of psychological inquiry. An etymological survey of the term psychology clarifies the changing meanings of this term and related changes in the locus of the discipline. Psychologism as a philosophical problem is explored historically in order to clarify the various epistemological and ontological errors entailed in the improper demarcation of psychology. These problems are then examined from the perspective of twentieth-century psychologists of religion. The author suggests that "€œplacing God in the heart of psychology"€ is a futile attempt to restore psychology to its original theological servant status, and that we cannot turn to psychology to decrease the immensity of the leap of faith.

Dr. H. Vande Kemp
97 - 109
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