Volume 15

Volume 15
  1. cover Winter 1987 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Can Psychology Aid Us in the Fulfillment of the Great Commission? A Missiologist Speaks to Christian Psychologists
    2. Developmental Tasks in the Life Cycle of Mission Families
    3. Elective Mutism in a Missionary Family: A Case Study
    4. Urban Psychology and Spirituality
    5. Proactive Care of Missionary Personnel
    6. Reentry Among Missionary Children: An Overview of Reentry Research from 1934-1986
    7. Retirement of Evangelical Missionaries: Elements of Satisfaction and Morale
    8. Predictors of Reverse Culture Shock among North American Church of Christ Missionaries
    9. A Practical Approach to Transitions in Missionary Living
  2. cover Fall 1987 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Psychotherapeutic Virtues and the Grammar of Faith
    2. An Integrated Spiritual and Psychological Growth Model in the Treatment of Narcissism
    3. A Reaction to Lawrence
    4. A Response to Guy
    5. Sin, Weakness, and Psychopathology
    6. The Use of the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory in the Evaluation of Seminary Students
    7. A Comparison of Psychology Faculty Teaching at Christian Colleges and Universities during 1972 and 1984
  3. cover Summer 1987 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: A Biblical Approach and Critique
    2. Career Counseling Tailored to the Evangelical Christian Woman at Midlife
    3. The Success of Alcoholics Anonymous: Locus of Control and God's General Revelation
    4. Traditional and Biobehavioral Information in Dieting: The Anticipated Effects of Christian Weight Loss Literature
    5. Heavenly-Minded and Earthly Good: A Study of Social Interest, Ethical Style, and Word-Spirit Orientation Among Christians
    6. Professional Ministry Satisfaction in Evangelical Education Agencies
  4. cover Spring 1987 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Religion and Science in Early American Psychology
    2. Christian Anti-Psychology and the Scientific Method
    3. The Sorcerer was a Straw Man- Apologetics Gone Awry- A Reaction to Foster and Ledbetter
    4. Wheat and Tares: Responding to Vande Kemp and Other Revisionists
    5. Positive Links Among Obedience Pressure, Religiosity, and Measures of Cognitive Accomplishment: Evidence for the Secular Value of Being Religious
    6. Obedience: A Reaction to Zern
    7. A Selective Response to Saucy
    8. Racial Prejudice Among Christian and Non-Christian College Students
    9. Ethnocentrism Among Free Methodist Leaders and Students