Volume 16

Volume 16
  1. cover Winter 1988 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Sanctification and Therapy: The Model of Dante Alighieri
    2. Christian Group Therapy: Sitting with Job
    3. Moral Development in Christian Higher Education
    4. The Role-Sending of Perfectionism: Overcoming Counterfeit Spirituality
    5. The Identified Patient in Family Therapy and Jesus Christ: A Limited Analogy
    6. Sin and Self-Functioning, Part 3: The Psychology and Ideology of Irrational Beliefs
    7. A Controlled Evaluation of Devotional Meditation and Progressive Relaxation
    8. An Addendum to "Cross-Cultural Reentry: An Annotated Bibliography"
  2. cover Fall 1988 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. God's Holiness and Humanity's Self-Esteem
    2. Spiritual Concerns in Erich Fromm
    3. Psychological Characteristics of Pentecostals: A Literature Review and Psychodynamic Synthesis
    4. Beyond Pragmatism: Brief Therapy and Christian Counseling
    5. Sin and Self-Functioning, Part 1: Grace, Guilt, and Self-Consciousness
    6. Sin and Self-Functioning, Part 2: Grace, Guilt, and Psychological Adjustment
    7. Christian Therapists' and Clients' Perceptions of Religious Psychotherapy in Private and Agency Settings
  3. cover Summer 1988 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Integrative Strategies for Family Therapy with Evangelical Christians
    2. Carl Whitaker's Therapy of the Absurd
    3. In Thy Father's House: Self-Report Findings of Sexually Abused Daughters from Conservative Christian Homes
    4. Spiritual Well-Being and Marital Adjustment
    5. Hope and Its Relationship to Spiritual Well-Being
    6. Christian Maturity in Light of Feminist Theory
  4. cover Spring 1988 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Popularity of Integration Models, 1980-1985
    2. Adult Developmental Periods and Protestant Male Clergy: A Descriptive Framework
    3. Three Perspectives on Tragedy and Suffering: The Relevance of Near-Death Experience Research
    4. Clergy's Knowledge of Self-Help Groups in a Large Metropolitan Area
    5. Clergy Counseling Practices, Christian Orthodoxy and Problem-Solving Styles