Hope and Its Relationship to Spiritual Well-Being

Volume 16
Summer 1988
Hope and Its Relationship to Spiritual Well-Being

Hope is essential to physical and psychosocial well-being and plays a central role in one'€™s ability to deal with illness and suffering. It'€™s relationship to spiritual well-being, however, has not been explored empirically. This article addresses the conceptual similarities of hope and spiritual well-being and reports the results of a correlational study examining the relationship in a sample of healthy individuals. While hope was found to be related to both the religious and existential dimensions of spiritual well-being, the relationship with existential well-being was significantly stronger. Questions are raised concerning the developmental relationship of hope and spiritual well-being, and the importance of spiritual well-being in facilitating hope in others is addressed.

V. Carson, Dr. K.L. Soeken and P.M. Grimm
159 - 167
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