Christian Group Therapy: Sitting with Job

Volume 16
Winter 1988
Christian Group Therapy: Sitting with Job

A practical and theoretical account is presented of an ongoing adult psychotherapy group that has met weekly for over 2 years at the Atlanta Counseling Center. As co-therapists, the authors have developed a psychological and spiritual perspective of their experience, drawing upon the thinking of object relations theorists (e.g., Winnicott), group therapists (e.g., Yalom), and theologians (e.g., Bonhoeffer and Nouwen). The central theme is the rediscovery of Christian community through the establishment of a hospitable holding environment where hostility can be transformed into hospitality and alienation into hope. Included are practical aspects of beginning and maintaining a group in a private practice setting and discussion of the uniqueness of group therapy that is "€œChristian."€

Dr. J.M. Siwy and C.E. Smith
318 - 323
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