Volume 17

Volume 17
  1. cover Winter 1989 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. "The Case for Theological Literacy in the Psychology of Religion": Introduction to a Theme Issue
    2. Disregarding Theology in the Psychology of Religion: Some Examples
    3. The Relevance of Theologies for Religious Experiencing
    4. Theology and Psychological Theory: Psychological Implications of Some Modern Theologies
    5. The Influence of Religious Orientation on Belief in Science, Religion, and the Paranormal
    6. Theological Versus Interactional Models of Religious Influence: Toward a Synthesis
    7. Isomorphic Indicators in Theological and Psychological Science
    8. Relating Theologies and Belief Systems to Scientific Psychology: Recent Approaches and Perspectives
    9. Through a Glass Darkly, but Face to Face: Comments on Psychology and Theology Eyeing One Another
  2. cover Fall 1989 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Impossibility of a Psychology of the Christian Religion: A Theological Perspective
    2. Homosexuality: The Behavioral Sciences and the Church
    3. Self-Esteem in the Presence of God
    4. Theory of Personality, Illness and Cure Found in the Writings of Agnes Sanford and Those Acknowledging Her Influence
    5. Personality Theory or Spiritual Discernment? A Reaction to Clark
    6. Here They Come, Ready or Not: A Response to Alsdurf
    7. A Theological Perspective on the Licensing of Helping Professionals
    8. Evangelical Christian Adult children of Alcoholics: A Preliminary Study
    9. Measuring Spiritual Giftedness: A Factor Analytic Study of a Spiritual Gifts Inventory
    10. Subjects' Religious Orientation, Counselor's Orientation and Skill, and Expectations for Counseling
  3. cover Summer 1989 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Changing Resistant Assumptions in Christian Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    2. Collaborative Efforts in Cognitive Therapy with Religious Clients
    3. Rational-Emotive Therapy in Christian Perspective
    4. The Role of Exorcism in Clinical Practice and Pastoral Care
    5. Counseling and the Demonic- A Reaction to Page
    6. Demon Possession and Exorcism: A Reaction to Page
    7. Exorcism Revisited: A Response to Beck and Lewis and to Wilson
    8. Pastoral Counseling and Faith Issues
    9. Psychology and the Pastoral Ministry: Help or Hindrance?
    10. Sin and Self-Functioning, Part 5: Antireligious Humanistic Values, Individualism, and the Community
  4. cover Spring 1989 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Christianity and Psychoanalysis: Original Sin-Oedipal or Preoedipal?
    2. The Vicissitudes of Original Sin: A Reply to Bridgman and Carter
    3. Narcissus Precedes Oedipus: A Response to Vitz and Gartner
    4. On De-Staging Our Relationships
    5. Internal Locus of Control for Expectation, Perception and Management of Answered Prayer
    6. The Role and Function of Forgiveness in the Psychotherapeutic Process
    7. A Maturity-Empowering Model of Christian Parenting
    8. Sin and Self-Functioning, Part 4: Depression, Assertiveness, and Religious Commitments
    9. Leadership Styles of Effective Ministry