Rational-Emotive Therapy in Christian Perspective

Volume 17
Summer 1989
Rational-Emotive Therapy in Christian Perspective

Rational-emotive therapy (RET), a common cognitive-behavioral approach to psychotherapy, is critiqued from a Christian perspective. Positively, RET is openly value-oriented, prizing of rationality, and balanced in its attempt to deal with the thoughts, behaviors, and feelings of the client from a rational perspective. Such an approach can be a helpful tool for the Christian therapist to use. Difficulties with RET thought from a Christian perspective include incompatibilities with values endorsed by RET, and overemphasis on rationality, problems with the understanding of rationality and emotion, and an overly atomistic view of the self. These tensions make it quite impossible for a truly Christian approach to therapy to be overly identified with RET. Two systems of "€œChristian counseling"€ which are quite akin to RET are briefly examined in light of the RET critique.

Dr. S.L. Jones
110 - 120
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