Demon Possession and Exorcism: A Reaction to Page

Volume 17
Summer 1989
Demon Possession and Exorcism: A Reaction to Page

Western Christianity is in decline. There is little belief in a supernatural kingdom of evil. Satan'€™s chief weapon is to convince the world that he does not exist. Science has believed him. The result is that mental health workers are unable to recognize or treat demon possession when it occurs. To recognize demon possession a person must possess the ability to discern the spirits, and have diagnostic criteria that allow positive diagnosis. This reaction examines the equivocal position taken by Page (1989) and responds by pointing out that we cannot equivocate in our approach to the activities of Satan and his minions. We have marshalled evidence from excellent biblical scholars that we are involved in spiritual warfare, and if equipped to fight it we must do battle. Christian counselors are the only mental health workers appropriately equipped for this warfare.

Dr. W.P. Wilson
135 - 139
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