Homosexuality: The Behavioral Sciences and the Church

Volume 17
Fall 1989
Homosexuality: The Behavioral Sciences and the Church

Christian mental health professionals are frequently asked to comment on the issues of homosexuality and the church, and yet few are up-to-date on the current research concerning the questions they are asked. We raise four basic questions which might be asked of the Christian psychologist by the church and discuss the best answers to those questions available from the behavioral science literature. The major questions examined are: (a) Is homosexuality an intrinsically psychopathological condition? (b) Is the homosexual orientation caused by factors beyond a person'€™s voluntary control? (c) Is change to heterosexuality impossible for the homosexual? And (d) Is the expression of erotic sexuality essential to psychological wholeness? Christian psychologists are urged to exercise caution when they attempt to articulate €"consensus views"€ on any of these questions, as the current state of our knowledge about homosexuality is much more rudimentary than is usually acknowledged, and may have less proper impact on the ethical deliberations of the church than may be commonly thought.

Dr. S.L. Jones and D.E. Workman
213 - 225
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