Self-Esteem in the Presence of God

Volume 17
Fall 1989
Self-Esteem in the Presence of God

Many individuals living in our post-Christian culture have placed the self in the position most cultures reserve for their god(s). Present cultural interest in self-esteem flows from this religious orientation. Unfortunately, the Christian church has not been entirely impervious to this non-Christian religious influence. While acknowledging the psychological importance of self-esteem, the author suggests that self-esteem is an unavoidably religious experience. An attempt is made to outline a Christian understanding of proper self-esteem: an affective response to the self-knowledge and self-evaluation that results from knowing God. The evaluative context of the Christian and non-Christian are also contrasted. The article concludes with some implications of the material for personal life and professional practice.

Dr. E.L. Johnson
226 - 235
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