Intrinsicness, Self-Actualization and the Ideological Surround

Volume 18
Spring 1990
Intrinsicness, Self-Actualization and the Ideological Surround

Previous data have suggested that observation of positive relationship between self-actualization and intrinsic religiosity may be made difficult by an antireligious, humanistic element within self-actualization scales. In the present project, the Allport and Ross (1967) Intrinsic Religious Orientation Scale was found to correlate positively with the Short Index of Self-Actualization (SISA), an instrument derived from the humanistically informed Personal Orientation Inventory. Evaluation of each SISA item in terms of personal religious commitments revealed none of the statements to be antireligious, with the vast majority instead being proreligious. Intrinsic Scale relationships with other measures of self-adjustment were roughly explicable in terms of their degree of congruence with religious articulations of self-functioning. These data confirmed that no fundamental incompatibility exists between religiosity and self-actualization and that a direct relationship between the two can occur when no antireligious elements are present in the measure of self-functioning.

Dr. P.J. Watson, Dr. R.W., Jr. Hood and R.J. Morris
40 - 53
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