Volume 19

Volume 19
  1. cover Winter 1991 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Mental Health and the Virtues of Community: Christian Reflections on Contextual Therapy
    2. When a Child Dies: The Impact of Being a Christian
    3. Psychotherapy with the Fundamentalist Client
    4. The Phenomenology and Psychological Correlates of Verbal Prayer
    5. Becoming a Christian Consciously Versus Nonconsciously
  2. cover Fall 1991 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. A New Covenant of Blessing: Negotiating Change in Eating Disordered Families
    2. The Development of Moral Reasoning: Some Observations about Christian Fundamentalism
    3. The Parables of Jesus: A Social Psychological Approach
    4. Parenting as Discipleship: A Contextual Motif for Christian Parent Education
    5. Afterlife Constructs, Death Anxiety, and Life Reviewing: Importance of Religion as a Moderating Variable
  3. cover Summer 1991 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Hebraic Model of the Person: Toward a Unified Psychological Science among Christian Helping Professionals
    2. Christianity Versus Humanism: The Influence of Values on the Nonclinical Professional Decisions of Veterans Administration Psychologists
    3. The Ideal Overseas Missionary: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
    4. Personality Characteristics of Male and Female Pastoral Candidates
    5. Identity Formation and College-Level Religion Courses: A Pilot Study
  4. cover Spring 1991 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Understanding, Measuring, and Facilitating Spiritual Well-Being: Introduction to a Special Issue
    2. Religious Commitment and Mental Health: A Review of the Empirical Literature
    3. Spirituality and the Four Jungian Personality Functions
    4. Toward an Integrative Measure of Health and Well-Being
    5. An Evaluation of the Research and Clinical Usefulness of the Spiritual Well-Being Scale
    6. Norms for the Spiritual Well-Being Scale
    7. The Effects of Prayer and Prayer Experiences on Measures of General Well-Being
    8. Measuring Christian Maturity: A Comparison of Several Scales
    9. An Evaluation of the Construct Validity of the Spiritual Well-Being Scale: A Confirmatory Factor Analytic Approach
    10. A Comparative Analysis of Spiritual Direction and Psychotherapy