Norms for the Spiritual Well-Being Scale

Volume 19
Spring 1991
Norms for the Spiritual Well-Being Scale

As part of the growing interest in quality of life and subjective well-being, the Spiritual Well-Being scale was constructed to measure the spiritual dimension. Research has shown good reliability for the scale and has provided encouraging support for its validity. It indicates well-being in a variety of spheres, including physical and mental health, psychological adjustment, and assertiveness. However, no norms have been published and little descriptive data have been readily available for the scale. Test-retest and internal consistency reliability coefficients and descriptive data are presented for several religious, student, and client groups. In evangelical samples the typical individual gets the maximum score; thus, the scale is not useful in distinguishing among individuals for purposes such as selection of spiritual leaders. The scale is currently useful for research and as a global index of lack of well-being.

Dr. R.K. Bufford, Dr. R.F. Paloutzian and Dr. C.W. Ellison
56 - 70
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