Volume 2

Volume 2
  1. cover Fall 1974 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Psychology of Gothard and Basic Youth Conflicts Seminar
    2. Guilt: Three Models of Therapy
    3. Some Thoughts on a Biblical View of Anger: A Response
    4. The Misunderstanding and Mishandling of Anger
    5. The Practice of Hope
    6. The Psychology and Theology of Sexism
    7. Referral Patterns of Clergy
    8. The Women's Movement Challenges the Church
    9. The Movement of the Spirit Challenges a Feminist: A Reaction to Mollenkott
    10. Reaction to Mollenkott
  2. cover Summer 1974 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Understanding Male Homosexuality: Developmental Recapitulation in a Christian Perspective
    2. Counseling in the Medical Office
    3. Guilt: Christian Motivation or Neurotic Masochism?
    4. Personality and Christian Maturity: A Process Congruity Model
    5. Self-Actualization and Sanctification
    6. Some Thoughts on a Biblical View of Anger
    7. Personality Characteristics of Students Not Identifying with their Parents' Denominations at Entrance into a Christian College
    8. Ego and Superego Variables as Related to Moral Behavior
  3. cover Spring 1974 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Cognitive Style, North American Values, and The Body of Christ
    2. Maturity: Psychological and Biblical
    3. A Psychological Analysis of Faith
    4. Guilt: Its Universal Hidden Presence
    5. Embodied Integration
    6. Utilization of Christian Beliefs in Psychotherapy
    7. A Theology of Communication: Putting the Question
    8. Development of Religious Perception-Integration of Life
  4. cover Winter 1974 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Holiness and Healthymindedness
    2. Anger: Musings of a Theologian/Psychologist
    3. Guilt: Where Theology and Psychology Meet
    4. The Psalms and Personal Counseling
    5. Letters to God: A Study of Children's Religious Concepts
    6. In Defense of the Sermon: A Communicational Approach
    7. A Look at the Sources of Encouragement and Discouragement for the Minister of Christian Education
    8. What is Marriage?