Holiness and Healthymindedness

Volume 2
Winter 1974
Holiness and Healthymindedness

Two views of holiness and its bearing on mental health are discussed. On the one hand is the view of the person who sees Christian piety as a panacea for all mental and physical ills. Both sacred writ and secular sources are quoted in support of this contention. The therapeutic church community, group worship, scriptural interaction and prayer are all cited as means used to the end of mental health. On the other hand, examples of Christ as the "€œman of sorrows,"€ Peter as one acquainted with tears and Paul as a zealous, passionate missionary are given in support of the idea that Christianity does not guarantee healthymindedness by present psychological standards. It is concluded that what is accepted, as mental health by present day psychology may not be congruent with true Christian experience. The idea that personality maladjustment is rooted in a warped, wrong God-relationship is also repudiated.

Dr. V.C. Grounds
3 - 11
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