In Defense of the Sermon: A Communicational Approach

Volume 2
Winter 1974
In Defense of the Sermon: A Communicational Approach

Many are critical of the sermon today because it is essentially a "€œone-way"” type of communication that offers little opportunity for feedback. But sermon arguments neglect the fact that the sermon does not have to stand alone. On the contrary, from a communication point of view the sermon can and should be seen as simply one part of an overall communication network which exists in the church as a whole and which is largely unrestricted, allowing open feedback on the part of all. Thus, the real point to be emphasized is not that the sermon should be eliminated, but that conscious efforts should be made to complement the sermon with as many different avenues for feedback as possible. Only when this happens, can preaching be maximally effective.

Dr. A.D. Litfin
36 - 43
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