Volume 20

Volume 20
  1. cover Winter 1992 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Changing of the Guard: Retrospect and Prospect
    2. A Place for the Bible Within Psychological Science
    3. Premarital Relationship Adjustment and its Relation to Religiosity and Sexual Involvement
    4. Clergy Marriages- A Multivariate Model of Marital Adjustment
    5. Quest and Identity Within a Religious Ideological Surround
    6. Covenantal Versus Dispensational Theology- A Pilot Study Concerning Self-Reported Family Effects
  2. cover Fall 1992 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. A Call for Discernment Natural and Spiritual- An Introductory Editorial to a Special Issue on SRA
    2. Adults Who Report Childhood Ritualistic Abuse
    3. Ritual Abuse, Multiplicity, and Mind-Control
    4. Ego-Dystonic or Ego-Alien: Alternate Personality or Evil Spirit?
    5. Some Additional Questions- A Response to Shaffer & Cozolino, to Gould & Cozolino, and to Friesen
    6. Some Questions Come to Mind- A Response to Ganaway
    7. Better to Investigate Ritual Abuse Than to Ignore or Deny It: Shaffer Responds to Ganaway
    8. Is Therapy Science or Religion, Logic or Faith? A Response to Shaffer & Cozolino, Gould & Cozolino, and Friesen
    9. Satanic Ritual Abuse: A Response to Featured Articles by Shaffer & Cozolino, Gould & Cozolino, and Friesen
    10. Conversations With an Internal Self Helper
    11. A Reaction to Rosik's Conversations with an Internal Self Helper
    12. Consistency with Clinical Experience Versus Sound Theory: A Response to Rosik
    13. Ritual Abuse- Defining a Syndrome Versus Defending a Belief
    14. The Relationship Between Training of Mental Health Professionals and the Reporting of Ritual Abuse and Multiple Personality Disorder Symptomatology
    15. Universal Cultural Elements in the Satanic Demonology
    16. Another Way of Looking at the Data- A Reaction to Phillips Stevens
    17. Ritual Abuse and the Moral Crusade Against Satanism
    18. Sociological Argument Applied to a Historical Example of Deviance- A Response to Professor Victor
    19. The Oude Pekela Incident- A Case Study of Alleged SRA from the Netherlands
    20. Reaction to Benjamin Rossen's Investigation of Satanic Ritual Abuse in Oude Pekela
    21. Response to the Oude Pekela Incident and the Accusations of Drs. F. Jonker and I. Jonker-Bakker
    22. Safe Behind the Screen of Mass Hysteria- A Closing Rejoinder to Benjamin Rossen
    23. The Oude Pekela Incident- Guest Editor's Final Note
    24. Satanic Ritual Abuse and Legend Ostension
    25. Satanic Ritual Abuse and Determinate Meaning- A Response to Professor Ellis
    26. The Christian and Satanism
    27. Dealing With Murky Monsters and Dastardly Demons- A Response to Underwager and Wakefield
    28. A "Veil Untaken Away": A Reply to Arnold
    29. Toothless Tiger or Roaring Lion? A Surrejoinder to Underwager and Wakefield
    30. Satanic Ritual Abuse in Popular Christian Literature- Why Some Christians Fall for a Lie Searching for the Truth
  3. cover Summer 1992 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Overview of the Rech Conference on Christian Graduate Training in Psychology and Introduction to the Collected Papers
    2. The Psychotherapist as Christian Ethicist: Theology Applied to Practice
    3. The Role of Theology in the Training of Christian Psychologists
    4. Developing Wisdom in Christian Psychologists
    5. Barriers of the Integration of Faith and Learning in Christian Graduate Training Programs in Psychology
    6. Psychology in Service of the Church
    7. The Historic Pastoral Care Tradition- A Resource for Christian Psychologists
    8. Results of the Rech Conference Survey on Religious Faith and Professional Psychology
  4. cover Spring 1992 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Christian Anti-Psychology: Hints of an Historical Analogue
    2. Narratives and Counseling, Part 1- From Analysis of the Past to Stories About It
    3. Narratives and Counseling, Part 2- From Stories of the Past to Stories for the Future
    4. Response to Paul Vitz- Perspectives from Biblical Anthropology
    5. Response to Vitz: The Search for Method
    6. Three Approaches to Religious Issues in Counseling
    7. Another Look at Pastoral Candidates' Personality Traits