Three Approaches to Religious Issues in Counseling

Volume 20
Spring 1992
Three Approaches to Religious Issues in Counseling

The Christian faith continues to be a powerful influence in the lives of a great number of people in American culture. Three approaches employed by practitioners to deal with a client'€™s religious faith have been identified through a review of the literature of the past 10 years. The approaches taken include avoidance, eradication, and integration of the client'€™s faith. Practitioners will either avoid dealing with the client'€™s faith, attempt to eradicate faith, or work towards integrating faith into the counseling process. These three approaches are evaluated in view of the American Psychological Association'€™s code of ethics. Any one of the three approaches may be ethically acceptable when practiced within the bounds of professional code of ethics.

Dr. D.B. Presley
39 - 46
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