Developing Wisdom in Christian Psychologists

Volume 20
Summer 1992
Developing Wisdom in Christian Psychologists

A major topic of the Rech Conference on Christian Graduate Training in Psychology was that of the "€œChristian virtues"€ as potentially powerful therapeutic factors that should be manifested in the lives of Christian psychologists. Yet, the Christian training programs do little to intentionally develop such virtues. This paper is a case study examining the virtue of wisdom as one of the central characteristics that should be encouraged in psychology graduate students. I begin by suggesting a way of defining or thinking about the nature of wisdom from a Christian perspective. A wise human person is someone who truly understands what it is to be human and the nature of the possible ways of existing that confront human beings. Understanding what it is to be human is inextricably tied to knowing and understanding God. Selection of those students who have the greatest potential of growing in wisdom during their graduate training is then discussed. I conclude with suggestions for fostering growth in wisdom during the years of graduate study.

Dr. C.S. Evans
110 - 118
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