Ego-Dystonic or Ego-Alien: Alternate Personality or Evil Spirit?

Volume 20
Fall 1992
Ego-Dystonic or Ego-Alien: Alternate Personality or Evil Spirit?

This article describes differential diagnosis of personality states and evil spirits. The Apostle Paul and Satanic High Priest, Anton LaVey, each instructed followers to engage the Holy Spirit or the Powers of Darkness, respectively, in spiritual warfare. We are all involved in the struggle, particularly when we aid satanic ritual abuse (SRA) survivors. Confusion surrounds SRA; the interrelatedness of satanic ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder, and spiritual warfare adds to the confusion. Both the psychological and spiritual realms are considered important for healing and should be carried out together. Evil spirits are presented as oppressive supernatural states, not as personality states. Treatment may require unifying personalities and casting out evil spirits. A diagnostic category is proposed: Oppressive Supernatural States Disorder, with identifying guidelines. The confusion about SRA may diminish if this category leads to improved diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. J.G. Friesen
197 - 200
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