A "Veil Untaken Away": A Reply to Arnold

Volume 20
Fall 1992
A "Veil Untaken Away": A Reply to Arnold

The authors reply to Arnold'€™s reaction to their article in this issue of the Journal of Psychology and Theology (1992, Vol. 20, No. 3). Arnold'€™s reaction is criticized as firmly rooted and grounded in the mindset of the Law, his criticisms the result of blindness of mind and apparent inability to grasp what the Gospel actually does. He has therefore totally missed the truth of the Gospel of Life. The authors reject categorically that they regard Satan on the same ontological level as the tooth fairy, saying that they wrote only of Satan'€™s power-€”that is, lies. Arnold is charged with having misrepresented data. It is averred that the area of lies is the relationship between behavior and consequences. In the view of Underwager and Wakefield, what is dangerous to the Christian and the capacity to experience the good, more abundant life of grace and freedom does not derive from a mistaken focus on Satan and his continuing power to harm.

Dr. R. Underwager and H. Wakefield
292 - 294
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