Volume 21

Volume 21
  1. cover Winter 1993 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Investigating Life-Stories: Personal Narratives in Pastoral Psychology
    2. Kohut's Tragic Man and the Imago Dei: Human Relational Needs in Creation, the Fall, and Redemption
    3. Outcome Research and Religious Psychotherapies: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?
    4. The Effects of God Language on Perceived Attributes of God
    5. Relationship Between Religious Orientation and Love Styles, Sexual Attitudes, and Sexual Behaviors
    6. Discovering the Public/Private World: A Research Note
  2. cover Fall 1993 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Rejected, Reclaimed, Renamed: Mary Daly on Psychology and Religion
    2. Religion, Reason, Reality: Reinterpreted, Reviled, Repudiated (A Response to Susan Henking's Analysis of Mary Daly's Thought)
    3. Pretentious, Preposterous, Pathetic: A Response to Susan Henking and to Mary Daly on Psychology and Religion
    4. Metapatriarchy: Mary Daly Re-viewed (A Response to Susan Henking)
    5. Responsive Reading: Daly, Dialogue and Denunciation (Henking Responds to Steichen, Vitz & Vitz, and Hearn)
    6. Perceptions of God by Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
    7. Stages of Religious Faith and Reactions to Terminal Cancer
  3. cover Summer 1993 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Confidentiality and the Duty to Report Abuse: A Current Case Study
    2. Abolishing the Rod
    3. Response to Oosterhuis: Discipline Versus Punishment
    4. Response to Oosterhuis: To Abolish or Fulfill?
    5. Response to Oosterhuis: Empirically Justified Uses of Spanking: Toward a Discriminating View of Corporal Punishment
    6. "A Last Word": Oosterhuis Responds to Gangel & Rooker, Pike, and Larzelere
    7. Power and the Pulpit: A Look into the Diversity of Ministerial Power
    8. Codependent Christians: Some Issues for Church-Based Recovery Groups
    9. Helping Christians Reclaim Some Abandoned Emotions: The ACE Model of Emotion
  4. cover Spring 1993 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Missions and Mental Health: Introduction to a Special Issue
    2. Missions and Mental Health: A Lesson from History
    3. Personality Disorders and Overseas Missions: Guidelines for the Mental Health Professional
    4. Homosexuality in Women: Considerations for Evangelical Missionary Recruitment, Missions Administration, and Clinical Intervention
    5. Separation Anxiety Disorder in a Missionary Child: Theoretical Considerations and Intervention Strategies
    6. Sexual Immorality in the Missions Community: Overtones of Incest?
    7. Missions and Mental Health: A Personal Safari
    8. The Reacculturation of Missionary Families: A Dynamic Theory
    9. Personality Characteristics of Staff Members at Selected Overseas Missionary Boarding Schools
    10. Qualities Desired in MK Boarding School Personnel: A Preliminary Study