Toward a Masturbation Ethic

Volume 22
Spring 1994
Toward a Masturbation Ethic

An appropriate Christian masturbation ethic will be informed by a distinctive moral vision, historical viewpoints, psychological research, and contemporary issues. The Christian scriptures do not prescribe a masturbation ethic, but rather nurture a particular moral vision that has as its final telos right relationships both with God and among persons. Historical viewpoints, however, have been based on misinformation about human relationships and have reflected a primary concern for procreation. In light of contemporary research, an appropriate masturbation ethic must consider both the prevalence of masturbation and the connection between masturbation and fantasy. Contemporary issues relating to masturbation include topics such as lust, self control, guilt, alleged benefits of masturbation, and God's intended purpose for sex. Although an appropriate masturbation ethic cannot be prescriptive, it will contain elements of both self control and freedom.

K. Sanford
21 - 28
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