Volume 23

Volume 23
  1. cover Winter 1995 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. An Introduction to the Special Issue
    2. Excellence in Pedagogy: Some Obstacles to Integration for the Christian Psychology Professor
    3. Teaching, Text, and Values
    4. The Heart of the Curriculum? A Status Report on Explicit Integration Courses in Christian Colleges and Universities
    5. Integrating Psychology and Theology at Undergraduate Colleges: A Developmental Perspective
    6. Undergraduates Developing Their Own Systematic Integration of Psychology and Christianity
    7. Integration as Integration: Tolerance of Ambiguity and the Integrative Process at the Undergraduate Level
    8. Integrating Across the Psychology Curriculum: A Content Review Approach
    9. The Fruit of Integration: Results in the Teaching of Psychology
    10. The Perils and Promises of Teaching Integration in Introductory Psychology
    11. Making Life Connections in Experimental Psychology
    12. Integrative Themes in Physiological Psychology
  2. cover Fall 1995 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Soul as Seen Through Evangelical Eyes, Part I: Mental Health Professionals and 'the Soul'
    2. The Soul as Seen Through Evangelical Eyes, Part II: On the Use of the Term 'Soul'
    3. Unwanted Sexual Experiences Among Christian College Women: Saying No on the Inside
    4. Religion and the Self as Text: Toward a Christian Translation of Self-Actualization
    5. Religious Orientation, Guilt, Confession, and Forgiveness
    6. Impact of Humanistic, Liberal Christian, and Evangelical Christian Values on the Self-Reported Opinions of Radiologists and Psychiatrists
    7. The Perceived Role of Psychology in the Initial Training of Christian Ministers of Religion in the United Kingdom
  3. cover Summer 1995 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Misdiagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder by Christian Counselors: Vulnerabilities and Safeguards
    2. The Biological Basis of Homosexuality: A Christian Assessment
    3. Who Perseveres? A Discriminant Analysis of Missionary School Personnel by Intention to Extend Service
    4. The Pastor as Leader: Shepherd, Rancher, or ...?
    5. Spiritual Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Adult Christian Women
  4. cover Spring 1995 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Contemporary Issues and Christian Models of Integration: Into the Modern/Postmodern Age
    2. Prayer and Health: Conceptual Issues, Research Review, and Research Agenda
    3. Christian counselors' Resources for Multi-Cultural Understanding and Counseling
    4. The Development and Preliminary Validation of the Belief in Divine Intervention Scale
    5. Ritual Abuse and Recovery: Survivors' Personal Accounts