Volume 24

Volume 24
  1. cover Winter 1996 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Toward Adult Cross-Sex Friendships
    2. Psychotherapy as "Work in the Spirit": Thinking Theologically About Psychotherapy
    3. Reflections on Integration by a Biopsychologist
    4. Forms and Degrees of Religious Commitment: Intrinsic Orientation in a Swedish Context
    5. The Prevalence of Mental Disorders Among Clergy in SÃo Paulo, Brazil
    6. Applicability of Levenson LoC Scale to the Lives of Geriatric Nursing Home Residents
  2. cover Fall 1996 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. "Where Are The Nine?
    2. The Tenth Leper
    3. The Therapist in a Missions Context: Avoiding Dual Role Conflicts
    4. An Empirical Test of a Theory of Factors Affecting Life Satisfaction: Understanding the Role of Religious Experience
    5. The Initial Development and Factor Analysis of the Spiritual Assessment Inventory
    6. Nurturing Grandparents in the Church
  3. cover Summer 1996 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Call of Wisdom: Adult Development within Christian Community, Part I: The Crisis of Modern Theories of Post-Formal Development
    2. The Call of Wisdom: Adult Development Within Christian Community, Part II: Toward a Covenantal Constructivist Model of Post-Formal Development
    3. Psychological Aspects of the Filling of the Holy Spirit: A Preliminary Model of Post-Redemptive Personality Functioning
    4. The Church as an Agent In Rural Mental Health
    5. The MMPI as a Predictive Tool for Missionary Candidates
    6. Unilateral and Bilateral Brain Hemispheric Advantage on Visual Matching Tasks and Their Relationship to Styles of Religiosity
    7. Putting Personal Experience Back into the Equation: A Reply to Clinton and Bookman
  4. cover Spring 1996 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Solitude and Loneliness: An Integrative Model
    2. God Control: The Fourth Dimension
    3. Ethics Among Christian Counselors: A Survey of Beliefs and Behaviors
    4. Relational Resources as Buffers Against the Impact of Stress: A Longitudinal Study of Seminary Students and Their Partners
    5. Cognitive-Behavioral Marital Enrichment Among Church and Non-Church Groups: Preliminary Findings
    6. The Effects of Group Dreamwork on Spiritual Well-Being