Reflections on Integration by a Biopsychologist

Volume 24
Winter 1996
Reflections on Integration by a Biopsychologist

From the vantage point of an outsider, it has been observed that most attempts at clinical integration focus on psychological and theological issues while avoiding considerations of biological influences. Two examples (homosexuality and heterosexual sex offenses) are given as a demonstration of how the inclusion of biological considerations improve the quality of integrative activity. While not having a natural affinity for biological explanations, clinical colleagues are, nevertheless, challenged to expand their view of integration to include biological dimensions. Further suggested guidelines for including biological interests in integration include (a) the human brain and mind constitute an example par excellence of God'€™s creative purpose in human life; (b) God has chosen the physical processes of the brain/mind as a vehicle for expressing Christian experiences; and (c) problems having their source in the spiritual realm can influence neurological processes just as much as can psychological factors. Cautionary notes are offered regarding the dangers of biological reductionism and determinism to the process of integration. Finally, it is concluded that this perspective on integration is based upon a Christian world view and that all data-base sources must undergo the same degree of critical examination.

Dr. S.O. Cole
292 - 300
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