Volume 25

Volume 25
  1. cover Winter 1997 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Why We Don't Forgive: A Biblical and Object Relations Theoretical Model for Understanding Failure in the Forgiveness Process
    2. Jung and Christology
    3. Influence of Physicians' Religious Values on Inservice Training Decisions
    4. Impact of Religious Values and Medical Specialty on Professional Inservice Decisions
    5. The Relationship Between Religion and Psychological Distress in Adolescents
    6. Are Christian Martyrs Abuse Victims, Neurotics, or Suicidal? Comments on the Psychological Study of Christian Martyrdom
  2. cover Fall 1997 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Modern and Postmodern Issues in Christian Psychology: An Integrative Transmodern Proposal
    2. "Holding On" to the Theology-Psychology Relationship: The Underlying Fiduciary Structures of Interdisciplinary Method
    3. Toward Guidelines for the Development, Evaluation, and Utilization of Christian Self-Help Materials
    4. When Discernment Fails: The Case for Outcome Studies on Exorcism
    5. Personality Correlates of One's Image of Jesus: Historiographic Analysis Using the Five-Factor Model of Personality
    6. Constructions of Religiosity and Death Anxiety in Two Cultures: The United States and Kuwait
    7. The Importance and the Difficulty of Doing Research with a Missionary Population
  3. cover Summer 1997 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. We Press on Toward the Goal: Introduction to the 25th Anniversary Issue, Part 2
    2. Research on Religious Issues: Is This Integration?
    3. The "Silence" of Women in Integration: Exploratory Qualitative Research
    4. The Effects of Marital Disruption on the Intergenerational Transmission of Religious Values
    5. The Relationship Among Spirituality, Religious Ideology, and Personality
    6. Measuring the Image of God: The God Image Inventory and the God Image Scales
    7. Impact of Treatment on God Image and Personal Adjustment, and Correlations of God Image to Personal Adjustment and Object Relations Development
    8. The Personal Functioning of Pastors: A Review of Empirical Research with Implications for the Care of Pastors
    9. Janusian Integration
    10. Professional Training in Religious Institutions: Articulating Models and Outcomes
    11. Integration Training in the Seminary Crucible
    12. Market and Mission
    13. Training Tomorrow's Integrators in Today's Busy Intersection: Better Look Four Ways Before Crossing
    14. Teaching Integration Through the Cracks: A Pedagogy of Process
  4. cover Spring 1997 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. We Press on Toward the Goal: Introduction to the 25th Anniversary Issue, Part 1
    2. Psychology and Theology: Twenty-Five Years of Theoretical Integration
    3. Christ, The Lord of Psychology
    4. Building Bridges With Biblical Counselors
    5. "Can Two Walk Together, Except They Be Agreed?": Psychology and Theology-A Journey Together or Paths Apart?
    6. Faith Development Across the Life Span: Fowler's Integrative Work
    7. Kleinian Psychodynamics and Religious Aspects of Hatred as a Defense Mechanism
    8. Kernbergian Psychodynamics and Religious Aspects of the Forgiveness Process
    9. Applying Theory in Clinical Practice: Clinical Integration of Psychology and Theology
    10. Integration in the Therapy Room: An Overview of the Literature
    11. Spiritual Disciplines and the Practice of Integration: Possibilities and Challenges for Christian Psychologists
    12. Consecrated Counseling: Reflections on the Distinctives of Christian Counseling
    13. Soul and System: The Integrative Possibilities of Family Therapy
    14. Looking Forward: Future Directions for the Encounter of Relational Psychoanalysis and Religion
    15. Member Care in Missions: Global Perspectives and Future Directions
    16. A Vision for the Future: Redeeming Psychology and Business, Managing Managed Care, and Partnering with the Church