Christ, The Lord of Psychology

Volume 25
Spring 1997
Christ, The Lord of Psychology

The lordship of Christ over all of a Christian'€™s life is an assumption basic to Christianity. The acknowledgement of his lordship in psychology is especially problematic today because of the pervasive naturalism and neo-positivism of modern psychology. Nevertheless, an understanding of the kingdom concept in Scripture suggests that Christians are inevitably called to work towards the expression of Christ'€™s lordship in psychology. This occurs as the Christian pursues psychological knowledge and practice before God, aware that all true truth about human nature is an expression of God'€™s mind, that sin and finitude limit one'€™s ability to grasp the truth, that the Scriptures are needed to properly interpret human nature, and that kingdom activity involves a faithful response to Christ'€™s lordship in one'€™s work with others and one'€™s knowing of human nature.

Dr. E.L. Johnson
11 - 27
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