Influence of Physicians' Religious Values on Inservice Training Decisions

Volume 25
Winter 1997
Influence of Physicians' Religious Values on Inservice Training Decisions

Survey responses of board-certified physicians were compared as a function of their self-identification with Liberal Protestant (LP), Conservative Protestant (CP), Liberal Catholic (LC), Liberal Jewish (LJ), or Agnostic (Ag) values. Respondents rated approval/interest to vignettes describing an inservice which reflected either Evangelical Christian, Liberal Protestant, Humanist (Hu), or Hindu values. Other items asked respondents to provide demographic and religious-value related information. CPs were generally more approving of all vignettes than LPs, LCs, LJs, and Ags. Hu vignettes were more approved than the other 3 vignettes. Physicians generally were more approving of vignettes related to their own values. Ags were least similar to parental values relative to the other 4 groups and less dedicated to their beliefs. CPs may be most likely to be accepting of the professional work of others yet least likely to have their theistically identified professional activities approved. Methodological issues, the Slippery Slope hypothesis, the possible importance of belief in an absolute authority, and professional implications were reviewed.

Dr. J.K. Neumann and Dr. F.V. Leppien
427 - 436
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